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Article on The Web Search Engine Ranking Friendly Website with Vine Social Media Marketing46Your website can receive constant and genuine traffic if your design is search engine ranking friendly. You can make the most beautiful and informative website for your market but no one will ever see it if it isn’t search engine optimized. Your product pricing may be the best in the industry but, unless you use effective search engine optimization techniques, they will be lost in the worldwide web.

The first, and most important, website promotion tool is to ensure that your site is built to attract search engines. Have your information phrased so that the web-bots will be able to determine the type of information in order to rank it higher in searches.

How can you help search engines find your website?

Make the best usage of the space on your site by placing keywords within the HTML code for your images, flash objects and videos. In the “alt” part of your HTML code, place a description using the keywords or phrase. Remember that search engines may not be able to read your graphics or see the words included in your videos, but they can see the HTML.

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For an improved search engine ranking, also ensure that you are creating relevant title tags. This is not referencing the tags visible to the public; rather, it is referring to the HTML tags that the search engines see that are utilized to describe your website. Some sites will have the same title tag for every page of the website but doing so does not optimize their search engine rankings. Each page should have its own unique HTML title tag that is relevant to the information on that page. This is guaranteed to make your search engine ranking higher not only for your site but for that page in particular.

Do you have duplicate information? Do not post identical information on different pages as it will not help draw attention to your site and, unfortunately, may actually cause the bots to ignore your page. Also, do not include hidden text; web builders used to utilize hidden text to increase bot interest but search engines are now aware of this technique and, as a result, hide such web pages completely.

These are just a few tips to help your search engine optimization efforts success. A website design that isn’t utilizing these techniques will not make the most of any opportunity and may, in fact, get you ignored by Google, Yahoo and others. Correctly implement the tools to your advantage and constantly research and implement new and effective ways to increase your site optimization.

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