How To Dominate The Keyword Search Engine Rankings

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Keyword Search Engine Rankings dominated by GoogleWeb content grows at such an expanding and rapid rate that some experts are saying that it is completely out of control. There are millions upon millions of websites and, without a quality search engine to help people find exactly what they’re looking for, the internet is practically useless.

How can you stay on the top of the online marketing pile, making sure that your company has a greater chance of remaining front and center of your prospective and existing clients’ minds?

Get Some Google Love!

Search engines are critical in keeping web users on track and why Google, is indeed, the king of search. Practically every internet marketer knows the significance of developing a good keyword search engine ranking if you want your website or blog to be found (quickly and not on the tenth page of the search, mind you) by today’s web surfers. Only through a sound approach, hard work and patience can your site cut through the ever noisy worldwide web.

At one time, it was easy to develop a great keyword search engine ranking. Then, everyone caught on and, as with all good things, the simplicity of entering a bunch of keywords on a webpage without thought became extinct. Today, search engines (Google, in particular) are much smarter and utilize complex, super-secret algorithms and such. They’ve worked and reworked their search ranking formulas to discount pages that are merely a pile of random keywords or pages that lack relevant, useful text. Today, good content (good quality, useful, and rich content) is required to achieve a worthy keyword search engine ranking.

You know what? Ensuring your pages have top quality content isn’t enough. No. You have to have content but you have to keep generating content to keep it continuously updated and current – all the time. Search engines like freshness and relevance, useful and worthy content. This is why modern search engines include a provision to account for the number of sites that link back your site as part of their keyword search engine ranking formulas. It’s getting more complex, isn’t it? That means, you have to develop links from other web properties if you want to garner an even higher ranking in modern search engines.

The web was once referred to as the “wild west,” a place where the “anything goes” mentality ruled that cyber-world. Those were the days when anyone could create a website and dominate search rankings in a matter of hours. Those days are now gone. Search engines are utilizing sophisticated search engine ranking formulas to weed out those gunslingers to bring a newer air of civility to the web through well-designed rankings for web search. This means that if you’re into internet marketing, you have to do your homework before attempting to dominate the rankings for your niche. Easy enough? Not quite.

It will be hard work but, in the end, there’s no doubt that you will find it’s completely worth the effort.

Andrea L. Allen is an expert Inbound Marketing Consultant at She specializes in e-commerce, online marketing, lead generation and video marketing. With a degree in Information Technology and Business, and a Professional Diploma in Business Spanish from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, she has made online branding and development her niche over the past 16 years, whilst working and traveling through 12 countries across Europe, the US and Latin America. Andrea is also the author of several books, including Awesome Viral Marketing Techniques That Win Clients And Grow Your Business and also, Why You're Not Selling More And How To Fix It: 28 Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales Conversions, as well as How To Achieve Lead-Generation Success Through LinkedIn: Harnessing The Marketing Power Of LinkedIn You can find all of her books on her author's page at and you can email her at

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