About Us

We build your business online!Our team develops effective content strategies for forward thinking companies.  We're a group of geeky nerds with a slightly unhealthy obsession with data-driven marketing, and we have a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings. After launching Vine Social Media Marketing in 2007 we have grown our virtual team which now includes members that live all across the world. The team is made up of some of the best product developers, customer support, data analysts and writers that all strive daily to deliver amazing training and support for our clients. 


Andrea L. Allen
Founder, CEO,
and Lead Generation Strategist

Andrea L. Allen is an expert in
Online Marketing. With a
degree in Information
Technology & Business, and
over 21 years of experience in
the field, she has made lead
generation and online branding
her niche. She is also the
author of several books,
including How To Achieve
Lead-Generation Success
Through LinkedIn: Harnessing
The Marketing Power Of
LinkedIn. Andrea spends much
of her time travelling between
her teams in North America,
Latin America, and the UK.


Stephanie Nestor
Content Creation Director,
Technical Consultant

Stephanie has a degree in
Communications and Media
Production, along with five
years experience in producing,
scripting and designing videos,
both for television and in the
business world. She’s also
experienced in graphic design
and journalism. She is our
resident expert in media
creation, and leads our team of
digital content creators.
Stephanie is currently based in
Central America, and is of
particular help to our
Spanish-speaking clientele in both 
the USA and Latin America.

Dr. Raymond Farrell - Business Advisor & Client Consultant
Dr. Raymond Farrell
Business Adviser,

and Client Consultant

Raymond is a medical doctor
with over 35 years experience
in staff management, and
marketing a successful, thriving
practice. This, along with his
extensive experience working in
multiple environments, from
first-world private clinics to
crisis-stricken hospitals in the
developing world, gives him a
unique perspective on how to
navigate the sometimes choppy
waters of specialist business
development. Raymond is
currently based in Toronto,
Canada, but travels frequently

throughout the world.

We use a huge range of cutting-edge tools and techniques to mine data about your industry and the competition that exists in your geographical area. We then use this to create a marketing plan that promotes your services across your website and blog and email, and add multiple press releases into the mix. At the same time we drip-feed client-engaging comments and videos through multiple social media sites and networks. Click each name for more details.

Of course, we also add high quality, professionally produced videos into the mix, and release them each month across the popular video sharing networks. The result? You appear right where your clients are already spending their time online, and engage with them without any ‘hard sell’. What we do may seem a little complicated to some, but it's simple really… We tell more people about your services, so you can grow your practice, so you can earn more money. See? Simple...

Meet The Rest of the Team

 It takes an entire ‘village’ to create the detailed, personalized lead generation campaigns our clients enjoy. Meet the team doing the behind-the-scenes work that will bring you your new leads each month.

Melinda – Copywriter, Content Creator
Ethan – Graphic Designer
Fahad – Website Technician, Data Analyst
Francesca – Social Media Manager
Mark – Lead Generation Analyst- Data Management
Che – Lead Generation Support, Business Support Analyst
Lucrecia-SA-Social Media Mgmt-Business Support-6-Team
Lucrecia – Social Media Management , Lead Generation Analyst
David-USA-WP-Business Support-2-Team
David – Business Support, Lead Generation Analyst
Joe-UK-WP-Analytics Specialist-Content Creation-5-Team
Joe – Lead Generation Analyst, Specialist Content Creator
Angela-Spain-UK-Business Support-1-Team
Angela – Business Support, Lead Generation Analyst
Katie-UK-Copywriting-Business Support-10-Team
Katie – Copywriter, Business Support